Project Description

Para el atomizado ó rociado de productos líquidos en frío, tales como huevo, jarabes y otros productos para una delicada aplicación líquida.

For spraying whole egg, water, liqueur and other (thin) liquids.


The Bakon spray machine consists of a conveyor above which two (or more) rotating discs are mounted.


This automatic spray machine with discs is specially designed for the spraying of whole egg or other thin liquids on differently shaped products, without spraying mist. For example croissants, pieces of dough and products made of crust dough. It is also used for spraying sugar water on bread products.


Due to the high velocity of the rotating discs the whole egg (or any other cold or hot liquid) is thinly sprayed onto the product.

Over the discs a protective cover is placed. The amount of product pumped to each separate disc is adjustable per disc. Underneath the installation a storage vessel is placed, from which the product is pumped to the discs and in which also the overspray is collected.

Possible executions

  • Working widths from 400 mm to 1200 mm (bigger working widths upon request)
  • Various discs depending on the working width
  • Discs above and under
  • Conveyor polycords, wire mesh or chain
  • Cooled storage vessel
  • Heated machine
  • Bigger discs for extra output