Project Description

Este sistema nos da una gran variedad de terminados  con productos para la aplicación en cortina ó cascada.

For the enrobing and/or finishing of a variety of products based on a waterfall type system.


With the Bakon Enrobing and finishing machine you can work fast and accurately. The machine is based on the  so-called waterfall principle, which makes it possible to finish and/or enrobe a variety of products.

The versatility and accuracy of the machine combined with the typical reliability of Bakon equipment guarantee you efficiency on the short as well as on the long term. The machine offers you the perfect solution for the enrobing with numerous products, such as fondant, chocolate coating, glaze, butter, liquor, grease, etc. on round cakes, dome-style cakes, pastry crust, etc. Besides this you can extend the machine to have a further automatically decoration of your products. It is possible, for example, to create a variety of finishing like line decorations and/or marbling effect.

Bakon builds the machine on a stainless steel movable frame and the conveyor belt is available in various working widths. The transport section consists of an in- and outfeed section and is equipped with conveyor belts. You can easily adjust the speed of the conveyor.


The heated pouring section is adjustable in height. You can also finish the bottom of for example cakes with products like chocolate with the special product tube under the belts. This will pump the product upwards between the belts, so that also the bottom of the products can be finished. The heated movable storage container under the machine is provided with a special pump. For specific applications, the pump can optionally be heated. From the collecting container, the pump brings the product to the pouring container on top of the conveyor. Depending on the specific application a heated hose can be used between the collecting and the pouring containers. The speed of the pump is adjustable. Next to the machine you can place a melting kettle for automatic filling of the machine.

For this, we provide the collecting container with a level indicator. It is also possible to fill the machine by hand, during production, through the special feed funnel in the conveyor. Once the products are enrobed, you can get rid of any excessive coverage with a blower that is adjustable in height and air volume. We can insert the machine in your existing line.

Last but not least, the machine is completely made out of stainless steel and other non-rusting material and is designed for easy cleaning.